New Grange Manor School

Drama at New Grange Manor

After his lesson on Punch & Judy Mr. Malcolm set a homework for the houses: write your own play.

These were performed as puppet theatre at the next School.

Saxon House

Saxon House play

Oops! Someone dropped the baby.

Roman House

Roman House play

Is that Matron Godders passed out?

Celts House

Celts House play

Celts even brought their own furniture.

Viking House

Viking House play

Not the sort of crocodile you would expect with schoolchildren.

These were taken from displays of an amazing amount of work. The pupils had written the scripts, made the puppets and built their own props. This gave the performances a much wider range than simply providing a set of stock characters.

The origins were still apparent in the traditional characters: the crocodile, the cat(?), the Judge and . . . the Postman!