New Grange Manor School

A bit about New Grange

New Grange Manor is a rôle-play school for grownups where we can pretend we are young again. There are rules to follow, which will be issued at school, and structured lessons where you will get rewarded if you are good and hardworking and punished if you are a naughty pupil.

You will receive a school dinner, hot or cold depending on the season. When applying to attend please inform Miss Livingstone if you have vegetarian or other dietary requirements.

The beautiful building

Each pupil will be placed in a house and there will be house leaders so all pupils will have someone to look up to. The houses are named after warrior-types from the past.

When a pupil receives 20 merits the pupil will be issued with an award. However, pupils that get 10 demerits will also get an award…

Each year the pupil's merits will be calculated and a school champion will be declared. There will be various ways to earn your merits.

Each house can gain points within school time and at the end of the academic year a house champion will be announced.

There are lots of fun and informative lessons for the pupils to take and school trips will be organised.