New Grange Manor School

New Grange Manor Pre-Prep School for young pupils ages 3-6.

The Pre-Prep school will help our younger pupils to read, write and do basic maths whilst enjoying themselves in a prep school environment full of fun activities such as finger painting and story time, helping them to learn and be ready for big school when they turn 7.

There will be a scrummy lunch and milk time.

Potties are available and for pupils not yet fully potty trained there are nappy changing facilities.

Please contact Miss Livingstone for more details of the Pre-prep School.

NGM is an age play school for consenting adults over the age of 18.

2018 Pre-Prep Schools

Month Date


Saturday February 3rd.

Outta Space

Saturday March 17th.


Saturday April 21st.

On the Farm. Time change: only until 4:30pm – Miss L’s BIG Birthday party from 8pm

Saturday June 9th.

Special event 5 Year Party

Sunday July 8th.

Teddy Bears Picnic
Saturday July 21st.

Magical Creatures
Saturday August 4th.

Beach Trip
Saturday September 15th.


Fri - Mon Sept - Oct 28th. - 1st.

Boarding Weekend
Sunday October 27th.


Saturday December 1st. Christmas