New Grange Manor School


Night of the Cane 2008

Night of the Cane 2013 - October 26.

It was good to see NGM represented at NOTC and I thought we looked very smart in our new 'harrods' uniform.

I agree Jane, it was a super evening. And we got a good representation of Teachers and Pupils too. Everyone could see how the very naughty pupils were kept in line by our strict Beaks!! And I got top marks in another teacher's class, which just shows what a super education we get at NGM!! And I know I shouldn't really start a sentence with a conjunction, but I'm just so excited!!
Bethany Grant

I think it was the best NOTC I have attended. On the whole you all behaved really well. There were no complaints about New Grange Manor pupils from other schools. Tommy Mac wanted to beat up a lad from Guildfdord cos he looked "harder" than he (Tommy) did, but instead they sort of became friends.
Miss Livingstone