New Grange Manor School


The First Boarding School

(April 2009)

I've not laughed so much in ages - really great medicine. I know we said it at school, but i just want to say thank you again to Miss Livingstone for organising such a wonderful time. Yes there are things we could do differently, but they are tiny things in the scheme of things and i thought it was a fantastic time. So thank you Miss Livingstone and thank you to everyone for making it such a great weekend - i loved it all.

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Boarding school was brilliant from the time we arrived until we had to leave. As it was my first ever boarding school i didn't really know what to expect but i thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Definitely loads of fun and laughter! So thank you Miss Livingstone for all your hard work, both in organising and running the boarding school, and to all the pupils and beaks who contributed to this fun filled weekend. Thank you also to Matron and our dear Tuck man who found out that even he was not exempt from our pranks!!!

Can't wait for the next one!

i won a prize for being not such an uncontrollable nightmare as what the beaks expected ha ha ha..i got caught less. i bet you will remember me paying special attention in astrology and about atoms wizzing about crashing into each other and making bombs go off and how excited going out in the cold and me and nicola and Katherine hogged the binoculars and asked the name of every single star in the sky...
tommy mac

A big thank you to Kaz who once again provided us with wonderful food and lots of fun. I would also like to say thank you to staff and pupils who made my birthday special. Tuckman would also like to send his thanks and to tell the pupils he was happy to be included in their naughty pranks and is looking forward to the next boarding school. I should be much fitter then, so pupils beware - Matron will be armed and dangerous.
Matron & Tuckman

I have no idea what is to be done with such a naughty disrespectful group of pupils, who sneak about out after lights out and go into the staff's rooms stealing / borrowing items without first asking for permission. The House must have been very well sounded proofed as I didn't hear anything other than the alarm going off at 5.30am.
Miss Livingstone
I'd love to do another boarder, it was such fun. The mix between the formality of the lessons, and the mischief we got up to after lights out was a really heady mixture.

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Bethany Grant