New Grange Manor School


May 09 School

hi all school was brill yesterday there was three new ticks there what had to be broken in properly and i am the man to do it! adam is alright but a bit gullible cos when he left his blazer in the staff room and i said its alright to just run in an get it (in the middle of detention) he went right in and got done by miss L. lol that was fun, only a joke mate, no hard feelings. old CLive of the antarctic or whatever his name is seems an alright bloke too, (thank god no new boffins and creeps) even volunteered to buy my drink for me at tuck - thanks mate! appreciate it. and the other one is a girl but to be fair tina did get quite a few entries in her book so must be ok.

the lessons was even ok although i spent most of mr melmans history in the corner i dont know why something about 'mary, mary quite contrary' i think. no star gazing sadly as you can only do it at night but mr rainman is a good old stick and lent me his book about it so i can look them up myself, thanks sir. and i leartn your fillings gives you poisoning. and a bit more about exploding things. i am starting to wonder if mr r is a subversive influence. mr grimbly done a good lesson on english- it must have been good cos i got it right and got a house point, but never mind i also got a demerit off of miss L for a harmless parnk on there cars what we tried to frame the new ticks for!

only a joke we was always going to own up wasnt we michelle? but the beaks was onto us like lightning before we could utter a sound. roflmso! what else, oh F1 done something too about punch and judy and we got to draw again except michelle i think who got to colour in instead, that the hard bit actually, staying in the lines.

playtimes was a bit boring cos no robert to play footie with but someone kicked my ball up on the ledge (who was that?) AND Miss L utterly framed poor jonno telling him to get a chair and get it down and when he did she punished him for standing on it! me and jonno had a little disagreement about he calledme a grass, and whats a bloke supposed to do? had to punch him, but we enjoyed it. i didn't enjoy seeing postie though, oh no. more later as being dragged out to shops. anyway was great.

tommy mac

Yeah, it was really good ... i know you don't like playing football with girls and i think football is silly anyway, but i managed to kick your ball at old Jenson ... wicked shot. i reckon i could have got a couple of goals past you though. Guess i'll have to bring my own rugby ball along if we're going to have proper sport.

Lessons were good ... not sure how we're meant to go about writing a Punch & Judy script ... hoping that Smiffy will come up with the goods for the Saxons on that one cos he writes wicked stuff. English wasn't bad ... i was one of the ones with top marks so another housepoint for Saxons ... i'm just glad it wasn't law cos i don't like all that 'high brow' gobbledegook. Speaking of gobbledegook ... did anyone understand a word about the piece of paper with lots of boxes and letters in them that you was learning about in science ... if so can someone explain it to me in words of one syllable cost it was completely foreign to me.

History was good - i like learning about historical English people, it was weird where all those answers came from though ... i've not been swatting ... honest.

Here's looking forward to next term

Kersh of the Saxons