New Grange Manor School


March 2009 School

Good morning New Grange Manor

i just wanted to thank Miss Livingstone & the other beaks for yesterday's school. Once again it was a great fun day and it was good to see so many old friends. i'd especially like to mention Smiffy - it was wonderful to see him again after so many years and good to know that he's still plotting to blow up various locations - nothing much changes!!

i'm very much looking forward to boarding school - i'm sure we'll have lots of fun. Thank you to Mr Malcolm (F1) re the lift - i'm sure my guardian will be in touch very soon.


It was a great day as usual and thankyou so much Miss Livingstone. Sarah and Smiffy will definitely be coming again as they wheely enjoyed it. Sarah says a special thankyou to everyone for making her feel so welcome and helping her enjoy the day. I always love the day and seeing my special fwends. lots love to all,

Daisy xxx

Thanks for a great day again yesterday Miss Livingstone. Your face was a picture when you realised that the main illustrated version of Katherine's school poem was on the staff room door. We personally thought you looked good in the 'Titanic' Life belt'!!!

One good thing Bethany, is now that i also have both Liversausage and postie pats pictures on my computer, they can no longer prove that you were involved in any future images.....


Another fun day! Lots of mischief, lots of knowledge gained, and we were allowed to be really messy with eggs! I need to apologise to Mr Reaman for missing the beginning of his lesson. I popped out cos I needed a breath of air, and to steady myself somewhat, then when I tried to get back in through the back door, the lesson had started, so I went and hid cos I knew I was in deep deep trouble. When I got hauled into the Staff Room and Mr Melman came storming in, I had a real regression to age 13 and three quarters, and it was well warranted too. A reprimand and a caning which left me reeling! So, sorry Mr Reaman, I won't do it again.

Lunch was scrummy. There was no exploding condiment pot on the table, but Mr Melman was a bit askance when he found an eyeball floating in his drink. Well, the beaks are always keeping an eye on us, I thought happen they could use a spare one! Pegging was fun, we managed a clip a peg on every male beak at least once!! The consequences were a bit dire, but worth it on the whole! Mr Grimshaw seemed to be pleasantly surprised that nothing exploded at this school, although he did shy like a startled horse when I produced my pretty pink pen. He very kindly took the lid off it for me at another place.... it went bang! Talking of The Grim, I've found a pretty useful poem to help us in our studies with him next term. I'll post it on a separate message. Ol Amstring probably knows it too, him being Head of English.

F1 (Mr Malcolm) proved that his prowess with a cane last term wasn't just a flash in the pan. Miss Teabags was well on form, and Miss Pavingslabs wasn't too far behind in the eagle eyed division, so all in all a lively time was had by all. Oops, I seem to have forgotten ol Postie's lessons re terms of endearment already. Never mind Sir, just put me down as a recidivist.

Bethany Grant