New Grange Manor School


January 2009 School

Well, that was quite a day! I was thoroughly enjoying myself heckling Robert in the nicest possible way as a means of congratulating him on becoming Head Boy when Miss Livingwhatnots dropped the bombshell that I had been voted Head Girl by the Beaks, Thank you Sirs and Misses (or should that be hits and misses?) Finding out that being HG or HB automatically means double punishment was a bit of a downer though, especially as I had double whacks for naughtiness sustained before the appointment!

It further transpired that our very own Dura had been sentenced to durance vile in a reform school, although they did try to say she was off on Safari, and her Auntie, Miss Brookes popped up as a Beak, although on enquiry I was forcefully assured that we were not to address her as Auntie.

Not a problem of course, we quickly re-christened her Miss Teabags. We have a set now, Miss Teacosy and Miss Teabags....

There were several other surprises, a Mr Reaman turned up who bore an uncanny resemblance to our late caretaker.......I did rather wonder if the Government Department who cloned old Andrex into ol Hamstring had been experimenting again? And we had two brand new Beaks, Padfoot, aka Mr Grimshaw, who I had actually met previously in another er life, and Mr Malcolm, who was a tad quiet, but turned out to be a bit of an aficionado with a cane......

The Deputy Head, Mr Melman, had eyes everywhere as usual, which together with a suspicious nature adds up to a lot of trips to the Staff room!

The lessons were all excellent, interactive and interesting. There was an air of calmness which nearly slipped over into studiousness (?) on several occasions. We didn't get any homework though, and Miss L said she'd forgotten to bring last term's, although I reckon she hadn't redeemed it from the pawnbrokers.

All in all it was a lovely day. Not frenetic at all, but with enough naughtiness to liven the day up. Nice naughtiness too, nothing unpleasant or over the top. And such a scrummy lunch. Extra scrummy to me cos my Guardian has been feeding me sandwiches and the odd take away all week because the kitchen got wrecked, and it wasn't me!

So it's nearly Lights Out so I'd best get into my jammies. Looks like another night of sleeping on the old tummy! Oh well, at least Postie missed the email this morning, so it's only one night, not two!!

Bethany Grant

Yes i agree, it was an excellent day as usual. Many thanks to Kaz and her merry band of helpers for organising it. Lunch was cetainly yummy which helped me to regain my strength, ready to face Miss Liversausage's wrath about fighting with Peter!! Mind you we did tell her that she couldn't use the Office as the Crime Scene Investigators had sealed it off but unfortunately it didn't work!! Funny how you always get the blame Bethers!!!

Dora's auntie, Miss Teabags was certainly on the ball, lurking around the back of the classroom, ready to swoop at any given moment. Although it did take a while for her to realise that it was actually my pen that kept making rude noises! It was funny when Postie Pat asked me why i never have a'normal' pen, does that answer your question Sir......?

I agree with you about Mr Malcolms caning skills, he is definately enthusiastic. The thought of him and Hamstring pairing up is quite scary.

The air of calmness at times was unusual, which made the Beaks even more suspicious than normal. Mind you the Deputy Head told me to try again when an elastic band i had flicked hit Miss Liversausage without any reaction. Then when i did, i got whacked for it which wasn't fair, after all i was only doing what i had been told to do....

Don't remind them about Homework Bethany, they dont need any encouragement. Just think the less time we spend on homework the more time we can be plotting mischief!


It was great, lots of thanks to Kaz and co - where would we be without her? I hated the maths test though, it's my worst subject. Why can't we do adding up, times and take-aways? (not instead of lunch though which was scrummy as usual)

The yellow tape didn't stop the beaks going in did it Michelle? We'll have to think of something stronger next time.

Lots love everyone xxxx