New Grange Manor School


The Second School (December 08)

Well that was super fun. I must admit I did enjoy all the lessons, even if my motives were thoroughly misunderstood in Art ...
Miss Livingstone showed great restraint when I did my music homework, gritted her teeth silently, and very kindly refrained from sticking her fingers in her ears. I liked the interaction element of the humanities and Social what not lessons. Much more interesting than just copying down reams of notes.
Lunch was scrummy. Lovely yorkshires, meaty sausages and a trifle to die for. I did love the looks of apprehension on all the Staffs' faces as they surveyed the seasonal Christmas crackers. It was the way they held them to their ears and shook them. Just think, if they had been explosive, we'd have had a Staffroom full of one eared teachers...

Thanks especially to Miss Living[stone] for all her hard work, the food, the books, the organising et al!

Gosh, Saturday was terrific! I was so glad to be back with you all. The organisation is the best, the dinner the best (scrummy) the lessons the best - everything in fact was beyond my expectations and I did not want the day to end!
Despite getting that horrid cane wielded by Mr Armstrong though I know I deserved it I can't wait for next term.
It was good fun sitting next to Tommy Mac even though he is the naughtiest boy in school. Thankyou thankyou thankyou everyone.