New Grange Manor School


The First School (October 2008)

Great to see you all at NGM yesterday (almost sounds like a film set). I love the new uniform, but then it is my favourite colour so bonus all round. I thought the whole day went very well and I look forward to seeing some of you at Night of the Cane and everyone else next term on 6th December.

I agree with Bethers, yesterday was a lot of fun. So many of you with clean hands and looking very smart too. I look forward to seeing you all in December.
Matron Godders

Note the (approved) omission of an auxiliary verb with 'dare' in the interrogative form in that last sentence, just one example of the many fascinating grammatical points we all enjoyed yesterday.
E. P. Armstrong.

I was delighted with such a well behaved class on Saturday! Now, on to homework. homework is optional of course. There will be a house point awarded to each pupil at the December school who can make a reasonable attempt at playing "Silent Night". I understand MissLivingstone may do this in a group at assembly.
Miss Molestrangler

Well it seems a half decent school what we've all been sent to, I must admit, although beaks do get in a ferocious bate in class about perfectly normal things... like lounging about, chewing pens, yawning, eating, talking, cheating ...weird!
Tommy Mac